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Monday, February 19, 2018

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Roses, Wine & Murder - In the City of Steeples

Rose Young
Release: November 2018
Available Now 

If you’ve heard the term “cozy mystery” you know the subgenre of crime fiction downplays some of the graphic elements in crime storytelling, leaving the main story to the local hometown detectives in the story. In Roses, Wine & Murder, it wraps gardening, wine, history, and tourism into the mix in a satisfying cozy mystery that puts the vineyards of southern New England into the spotlight. This debut novel is a fast-paced mystery that connects gardening, wine, and suspense into a book that would intrigue a mystery reader, but also draws in someone who has traveled through the wine tours of the North Fork of Long Island and the eastern coast of Connecticut.

Roxanne Samson is a sensible protagonist who stumbles across a dead body as she works on one of her community gardening sites. This wealthy, dead, wine connoisseur is not only connected to the local wine bistro nearby, but also to some sinister plot. 

As Roxanne shadows the police, she meets some of the locals and tries to help draw out the killer. Everyone is a suspect, from the local bistro owner to the grieving North Folk window. Each turn and twist uncovers a small piece of the complex and dark plot. The cunning manipulator is always one step ahead of the local detectives. Finally, it is up to Roxanne and her friends to close in on him once and for all. Filled with gardening insight, wine pairings, and history, this mystery carries our sanguine protagonist, the wine bistro owner and the rest of the cast on the hunt for the mystery man and his purpose in the otherwise quiet City of Steeples. Rose Young’s debut novel is inspired by her love of history and professional work in her own landscape and garden design firm.