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Review Guide

Book Review Policy 
My name is Ron Samul and I am an educator and writer. I am open to reviewing books in the areas specified below. Please check that list. If your book doesn't fit but you think I might be interested please send me an email. Offbeat titles tend to be my own selection. 

Genres of Interest

Short Story Collections
Literary Fiction 
Nonfiction (ocean, fishing, diving, conservation, sailing, boating, adventure)
Nautical (Historical Nautical)
Graphic Novels 
Young Adult 
World Literature 
Historical Fiction 
Graphic Novels 
Higher Education (Topics) 
Will consider independent writers and projects (send me an email). 

Books I Will Not Review

Self Help 
Children's Books 

Acceptable Formats 

Physical Copies (Advanced Reading Copies)
Digital Copies (Kindle Format, would consider PDF copies) 

Information with a Title 

Standard book information
Release Date (if relevant)
Anything that I should know about the writer that isn't included in the book. 

The Book Review Process 

Important: Because I've received a digital or physical copy of the book does not guarantee a review. It will take time to read and write a review so I won't post an immediate review. I reserve the right to NOT review your book based on personal factors (quality, topic, or time to read). When I produce a review it is posted on Amazon, Good Reads, on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and other connective points. 

While I write reviews for Library Journal, my reviews on this site do not reflect, connect, or allow you to connect their services with my name. To obtain a Library Journal review you must send your book to them and follow their process. I cannot and will not request titles from them on your behalf. 

Advanced Reading Copy 

If I agree to review an advanced reading copy, I will make every effort to post the review before the release date. 

Honest Reviews 

I am not paid to review books. I will give an honest review of the book which may include areas where a title under-performed. I will be respectful and professional in the presentation of all elements in the book reviews. I reserve the right to NOT review a title if I think it will likely result in a poor review (two stars or less).  

If you have questions or not sure your title is a good fit, just send me an email. I am an educator and writer and know the hard work that goes into your work. I also know the value of professional and respectful discourse on the nature of writing. 

Thank you for reading this far down. 

Ron Samul 

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